Evidence based wellness


Evidence-based wellness.

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

While working towards my PhD, it became clear to me that basic science and I were not BFFs. While I loved learning and talking about science, I didn’t enjoy the “re” part of “research”. I sought opportunities that combined my interests (learning new things!) and skill sets (translating said new things!) and stumbled into the world of science communication.

Currently, I lead communication efforts focused on food production, food safety and nutrition at a non-profit. From PlosOne to PopSci, my work and perspective have been featured in leading scientific journals and top-tier outlets. I’ve also spoken at international and national conferences such as the Gordon Research Symposium, American Society for Nutrition and Good Housekeeping’s Future of Food.

But I’m not always doing #scicomm work! In my spare time, I love DIY projects (kombucha and bath bombs are my current go-tos), being outside as much as possible and cuddling with my pup, Ollie. I am also a certified yoga teacher and teach classes in the Raleigh-Durham area.




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